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How to Have a Winning Tennis Game in Six Simple Steps

by Graeme Notting

Tennis is not a game for the weary or slow moving. Tennis is a game of quick movements that use every muscle in your body. It is difficult to become a fantastic tennis player due to several reasons including the inability to find an affordable tennis club, lessons, or players to practice against. These obstacles can impede your improvement in tennis which will make you frustrated. Before you quit tennis altogther, try these six simple steps to a winning tennis game.

Buy a graphite racquet. If you don't want to spend any money on a new racquet and think that your parents' old wooden relics are just fine, think again. A wooden racquet simply cannot generate the power of the newer graphite models so you will be constantly underpowered when using one. Plus, the head on the newer racquets are much larger so it makes hitting the ball that much easier. Besides, there are graphite racquets out there starting around $20 that are fine for getting started.

Where should you begin to practice your tennis skills? Find a hitting wall or board to hit against. You can usually find these walls at public tennis courts or you can even create one at your home with a large wooden board. These walls have a limited height and width so they teach you to be accurate with your shots. Strive to hit 8-10 balls in a row. When you improve your accuracy and consistency you are ready to hit the tennis court.

Keep moving. Tennis is not baseball. Tennis is a sport that demands constant movement in order to succeed. You have to move towards that ball the moment you know where it is heading. Being out of position is a common mistake for beginners so improve your chances for success by always moving. Once you hit a shot, move back towards the center of the court behind the baseline. Don't wait for the next shot ... move!

What about my tennis strokes? There is a constant debate over a one-handed versus two-handed backhand. Use the one-handed backhand because it takes less time to be in the proper position for this shot. Plus, you will have a wider variety of angles and less prone to having the ball fly into you while you are preparing for the shot.

The word "emotion" should leave your vocabulary. Tennis can be frustrating and you may feel tempted to hit the ball as hard as you can. A frustrated tennis player tends to hit balls out long or nail them in the net. You need to keep a cool head and forget any lost points. Don't lose control of a match due to your emotions.

Should you hit the ball hard and flat or with spin? Spin is in. Spin can take time and effort to learn, but it is well worth it. Spin is a sign of an advanced player. Spin requires thinking and placing topsin or backspin on the tennis ball. Your follow through is different and the ball bounces in a different fashion. Spin helps you to trick your opponent as a ball that looks like it is going out spins right in on the baseline. Watch the professional tennis players. They all use spin.

Tennis will help you to improve your fitness level and have fun at the same time. You can also improve your hand-eye coordination. Tennis can be mastered if you add the steps listed in your tennis training program. Have fun on the court and watch your number of winning shots go through the roof.

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